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HAZA Foods Houston Supports Sugar Land Youth Football Team

Oct 03, 2021

Rain or shine, the Sugar Land Cowboys Football Team still celebrated their 50th Anniversary Homecoming game on Saturday, October 23rd!

The event, which was held at Austin High School in Richmond, Texas, was sponsored by HAZA Foods Houston. The HAZA Team set up a tent, passed out swag and candy and sold Dave’s Lemonade and cookies!

“Events like these are what really makes it fun working for HAZA,” said Amber Treybig, Marketing Manager.

Treybig mentioned that HAZA Foods has partnered with multiple other organizations and has even volunteered by giving coupons and trophies out to young athletes.

“In Texas football is huge so we try to take advantage of the multiple opportunities we have to partner with organizations like the Sugar Land Cowboys and give back in any way we can!” Said Treybig.

Although it rained, the teams played tough, the Wendy’s Tent stood strong and the cheerleaders had a blast cheering.

“Times like this reminds you of how important it is to give back to the community, even if it is raining! We won’t leave until the player and the parents leave,” Said Treybig.