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Mar 15, 2024

At HAZA Foods, we are honored to announce our partnership with the James Bowie High School Color Guard, an esteemed program renowned for its excellence on the national stage. As the Bowie Varsity Winter Guard gears up for the Winter Guard International (WGI) World Championships in Dayton, Ohio in April 2024, we stand alongside them in their pursuit of greatness. With an expanding program that includes both Junior Varsity and Varsity teams competing at Texas Color Guard Circuit (TCGC) competitions and WGI events, the James Bowie Color Guard exemplifies dedication and talent. With numerous accolades under their belt, including top rankings at prestigious events like WGI Regionals and TCGC State Championships, the Bowie Color Guard continues to uphold a tradition of excellence that resonates throughout the Austin community.

As a vital component of the Bowie Band program, the Color Guard not only fosters growth and improvement among its members but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for future generations. We are thrilled to support the James Bowie Color Guard on their journey to success and look forward to witnessing their achievements on and off the field