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Wendy’s East Lake Opens After Devastating Fire

Jun 15, 2021

One year after the store was forced to close due to the inconsiderable amount of damage, HAZA Foods is happy to announce we officially opened our doors at our East Lake Wendy’s® in South in Minneapolis.

An essential since 1985, the building stood for more than 3 decades and has made an impact on the entire community, including Tom Schmitz, Director of Area Operations.

“I opened the store as a district manager in 1985 and I remember it just like it was yesterday. This store was a staple for 35 years in a community that was known to be a melting pot of cultures.” Said Schmitz.

Located on the 2900th block of 26th Ave. in South Minneapolis, the remodel took about 4 weeks to complete! Schmitz said when the damage happened his team in Minneapolis immediately started to plan for the future.

“There was never a doubt we would rebuild. HAZA Foods, LLC is resilient just like the residents of Minneapolis. We weren’t going to let what happened that day destroy our presence in the city.” Said Schmitz.

The new store was beautifully remodeled, using an innovative interior and exterior design, which is part of an ongoing effort to provide an enhanced customer experience — from the high-quality food to the restaurant environment.

“Over the years, East Lake has always had a great team of employees and managers,” mentioned Schmitz. “Many of our team members live close by, which brings a true sense of community to the restaurant environment. I believe that’s why we have been so successful both as a training restaurant and as one of the highest performing Wendy’s in the market.”

On June 15th, Schmitz and his team held a celebration full giveaways and free Jr. Frosty’s in honor of the homecoming of their new store. Many people came to enjoy the Grand Re-Opening which showed in the increase in sales.

“We are excited to open up once again to the community and show our neighbors that through it all, we will always be there for them, especially with a brand new interior and exterior.” Said Schmitz.

Here are a few pictures of the before and after as well as the Grand Re-Opening celebration.